Laquelle est une bande dessinée?

Lequel est un dessin animé?


Do you like to watch cartoons? Do you like to read comics?
How about telling stories? Do you like that?
It is possible to make a modest living as writer, graphic artist, or cartoonist.
Let's explore the creation of stories with pictures and words, that is, visually and literally.
Let's dabble in the field of cartoons and comics.


Effects of Alcohol

1. Select a partner.
2. Your teacher will assign one of these four articles in this file.
a. Jules boit un peu (un verre)
b. Anne boit beaucoup (trois verres)
c. Emma boit énormément (beaucoup de verres)
d. Martin a bu à la folie (il ne sait pas combien de verres)

3. Answer both questions for your article. Learn the key vocabulary! Complete the sequencing activity. Speak in French with your partner and answer the question provided.Use the newly acquired vocabulary and phrases.

4. With your partner, decide whether you will make a cartoon or comic strip to teach about the short-term and long-term effects of alcohol.
It is essential that you use the key vocabulary/expressions from your article.
b. Windows Movie Maker
c. You may have another idea...

5. Upon completion of your comic strip or cartoon, upload it to your page. Click on you and your partners name below; it will link to your wiki page.

Wendy and Betty
Grace and Marina
Asia and Maria
Alex and Josh
Jasmine and Jeanine
Jessie and TJ
SeokJin and Karla
Aman and Kyle
Mike and Mike
Dan and Brian
Kevin and Nate

6. Assessment: Please refer to your Presentational Rubric.