We need to get the word out about our "Club Fitness." Create an online ad.

Need a template? Check out this link from Microsoft and select one. Add the necessary information in French. Check your presentational rubric for requirements.

If the templates do not work on your PC, create your own in MS Word, PPT, or other software of your choice.

Once completed,
A. Create a New Page.
B. Call it Club Fitness (your first name, first two initials of your last name)
C. Create a link between your name listed below and the page you created.

1 Hanifa
2 Daniel
3 Daniel
4 Rebecca
5 Brian D
6 Diksha
7 Trevor
8 Nolan
9 Jonathan 10 Christopher
11 Johan11 Johan

12 Daniel13 Brandon
14 Andrew
15 Ilona
16 Anacaona
17 Elijah
18 Alex
19 Paige
20 Robert
21 Eric
22 Courtney
23 Anthony
24 Dominic