Dreaming about how to earn money?
Create your own travel guide and become a sales rep!
Regions of France


Do you like to travel? Do you like to share your travel stories with your friends? Do you like to talk about what you saw and what you did? How about the food? Do you like to tell people about the different foods you tried? If you like all of the above, you might want to explore the advertising and sales for a career. Let’s practice in class.
In our 21st century, much advertising and sales is done online. Pick the French region of your choice and read, read, read. Check out these sites and learn about your region’s tourist attractions, regional specialties, and hotels. Start to think about the wiki page that will create. Your job is to persuade the rest of us to come to your region.
After your initial exploration of these travel guides, print out your favorite web page. You will need it in order to complete the interpretive task.



Interpretive Task
Les guides de voyage

Assessment: Please refer to your interpretive rubric for a oral assignment.

Interpersonal Task
Invitez un ami(e) au voyage!
Your research about your region of France has given you the itch to travel. Ask your friend if he/she would like to take off for a week and fly to France. If he/she is reluctant, remember that you are in advertising and sales. Persuade him/her to come with you. Use specific details to tell him/her about the attractions, the regional specialties, and the hotel accommodations of your region. Maybe your trip will come true!

Assessment: Please refer to your interpersonal rubric for a oral assignment.

Presentational Task
Préparez votre publicité!
Part 1
After your initial exploration of online travel guides, you have gathered ideas, information, and excitement to create your own advertisement. On our wiki, each of you will have one page on which to post your ad. Please include the following:

Ø Name of region
Ø Map
Ø Three pictures highlighting tourist attractions
Ø Titles for each of these attractions
Ø Paragraph enticing us to come
Ø Hotel options and prices
Ø Podcast selling your region

Please note: It is a requirement that you write in your own words. Nothing can be cut and pasted from the French websites. In addition, please avoid online translators. If you need help with vocabulary and expressions, please use the following;
    1. www.wordreference.com
    2. http://dictionnaire.tv5.org/
    3. http://www.larousse.com/fr/

Assessment: Please refer to your presentational rubric for a written assignment.

Presentational Task
Présentez votre publicité!
Part 2
In our classroom, you are the only expert on your region. Convince us to come to your region. You have 3 minutes!

Assessment: Please refer to your presentational rubric for a oral assignment.
  • When you are listening to the presentations, please take notes. Jot down facts that attract you about the presenter’s destination. You will receive a participation grade for your notes. See handout below.
  • Upon completion of all presentations, we will have a class discussion about the best destinations and why. You can look at your notes when participating in the class discussion.

Please note: All assessment rubrics are located on the FLENJ website: http://flenj.org/CAPS/?page=147