Le potentiel humain
What are your talents and intelligences?
How can you best use them?
Part I
What are your talents?
Each of us has talents and intelligences. Take some time to think about what you do well. Ask yourself what interests you. Then think about how you can share your talent with us. You can either make a poster or do a demonstration. See packet for details and rubrics.

Part II
What talents and intelligences do the French characters in ASTERIX and LE PETIT NICOLAS have?
Other people have interests and talents, too. Let’s watch a French movie. Reflect on the personalities portrayed. What are their talents and intelligences? In order to be able to talk about their strengths, let’s learn phrases that illustrate different talents/intelligences and then relate them to the personalities in the movie. See packet for details.

Part III
Which intelligences do you have?
Interests and talents reflect different types of intelligences. We will explore eight different intelligences. Think about yourself as we study them. Each of us has many, which are yours? Here are the instructions about how we will learn about all 8 intelligences:

These links provide the explanations of 8 intelligences in French:
Ø http://www.chairemm.polymtl.ca/cdparentsv2.0/Carriere_files/Intelligence.html
Ø http://www.clevislauzon.qc.ca/publications/intelligences%20multiples.pdf
Ø http://www.csaffluents.qc.ca/im/PDF2005/ens_outils/Descr_8intell_ill270105.pdf
Ø http://www.tesquitoi.com/info.php

Part IV
How about we combine your talents and intelligences and open a fitness center in our classroom for one week?
Here are the instructions for how we can do it:

Please note: FLENJ provides rubrics for each of the three modes of communication: interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational.

Part V
Your class did an amazing job opening your own fitness center for one week! Membership is increasing.